Our Story 

FrutaPOP is a handcrafted ice pop company, specializing in natural fruit and juice ice pops, coffee ice pops and alcohol infused ice pops. FrutaPOP is the first of it’s kind to contain healthy, natural ingredients without any added sugars. All of our alcohol-infused ice pops, also known as “poptails” contain 5% ABV or less.

FrutaPOP is reinventing the ice pop, a product that hasn’t seen an innovation in the last 50 years. We’ve discovered that almost every ice pop, contained in the similar plastic pouch on the market, is full of high fructose corn syrups, added sugars and dyes. FrutaPOP is the first to market a healthy alternative to the ice pop, packing them full of healthy ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables – with no added sugar or syrups. FrutaPOP offers seasonal flavors, making the POP a year-round treat.