Our Story 

FrutaPOP, the makers of the world’s finest gourmet, alcohol-infused ice pop is reinventing the ice pop – a product that hasn’t seen an innovation in the last 50 years. FrutaPOP is the first of its kind to contain healthy, natural ingredients without any added sugars, syrups or dyes. The company’s innovative product line launched with alcohol-infused ice pops and has quickly expanded to also offer a non-alcoholic product line including fruit and vegetable juice ice pops and coffee ice pops.

FrutaPOP has created an entirely new product category in the food and beverage industry by offering consumers a gourmet, alcohol-infused ice pop, under 5% ABV, alcohol by volume. All alcohol-infused ice pops, also known as “poptails” contain 5% ABV or less. FrutaPOP offers seasonal flavors, with flavors including: Sparkling Mango Mimosa, Watermelon Margarita, Pina Colada, Coconut Rosé and Moscow Mule.

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