Calling All Moscow Mule Lovers!

All of your Moscow Mule dreams have now come true! We have created the ultimate Moscow Mule boozy ice pop made with Tito's Handmade Vodka, ginger beer and lime. Imagine being able to savor a Moscow Mule in pop form and enjoy its tasty flavor in the same way the beverage is served.  Pretty ingenious! 

Photo by Marisa Barnard 

Photo by Marisa Barnard 

We teamed up with Moscow Copper Co. to create a hands-free, freezable copper stand that holds your boozy  Moscow Mule POP - or any other of our poptail flavors. 

Moscow Copper Co., known for creating the “original” copper mug for Moscow Mules, has been around since 1941 and celebrates over 75 years of creating these infamous copper mugs.  The brand teamed up with FrutaPOP co-founder and artist, Laurance Rassin, who designed the first of its kind freezable, copper stand.  

Photo by Marisa Barnard 

Photo by Marisa Barnard 

The stands are manufactured and engraved exclusively for FrutaPOP by Moscow Copper Co. If you are a Moscow Mule lover, you won’t be able to resist this Moscow Mule FrutaPOP in a copper stand!  

Moscow Mule POP packs are available in 12, 24, & 48 and our stands are $35 each. 

Photo by Moscow Copper Co.

Photo by Moscow Copper Co.

FrutaPOP Is Popping Up at the Sandbar Delray Beach This Weekend

Mark your calendars for this weekend: Dec. 10 + 11th at the Sandbar in Delray Beach, where FrutaPOP will be launching their line of boozy ice pops in South Florida.  We've created a special Sandbar Rum Punch POP using Amy & Brian Coconut Water & Piña Colada POP to celebrate the launch! And we would love for you to stop by anytime and enjoy one of our boozy ice pops! To RSVP email us: 

Rise & Shine: FrutaPOP Teams Up With Rosalind Coffee & Guittard Chocolate

FrutaPOP is excited to team up with NYC based coffee company, Rosalind Coffee and Guittard Chocolate Company. FrutaPOP has created a line of cold-brew coffee ice pops to help you jump start your morning! And if our coffee pops weren't cool enough, we're adding Guittard chocolate to every pop to create that perfect morning perk! 

For all you pumpkin spice lovers out there, we've got you covered. For the holidays, we're offering a special Pumpkin Spice Coffee POP, made with real pumpkin, Peppermint POP, made with real pieces of peppermint and an Espresso Chocolate POP. All of our coffee pops are dairy-free and are made with almond milk. To place your order for you or a friend, you can shop our pops here. Coffee POPs make the perfect holiday gift! Happy Holidays! 

5 Reasons Why Boozy Ice POPs by FrutaPOP Make The Perfect Holiday Gift

As one food-fueled Thanksgiving weekend unfortunately comes to an end, we look forward to the holiday season ahead with more great food, family and friends. To make it easy for you this year, we have the ultimate gift for the foodie in your life: boozy ice pops by FrutaPOP. Here are the 5 reasons why boozy ice pops are on everyone's list this year. 

And since today is Cyber Monday, we're offering a 25% discount on our Sparkling Champagne Ice Pops. Choose from our Mimosa or Pomegranate Ice Pops and receive 25% off your order. And place your order today and receive free delivery in Manhattan. ($25 savings). Happy Shopping!

5 Reasons Why Boozy Ice Pops Make the Perfect Gift For the Foodie in Your Life

1. Nostalgic. Talk about #TBT. This is the ultimate #throwback gift. FrutaPOP is reinventing the ice pop, a product that hasn't been reinvented in nearly 50 years. And we're packing them full of healthy ingredients.  

2. Novelty. For the chef or foodie in your life that has everything and who has seen everything, FrutaPOP makes the perfect gift. Since FrutaPOP launched this year, chances are this product is so new that they may have not even known they needed it. FrutaPOP has a line of boozy ice pops, coffee pops, fruit and juice pops and veggie pops to keep the party poppin'.

3. Seasonal Flavors. FrutaPOP's menu changes seasonally, so if you're shopping for the foodie in your life this holiday season, start thinking: Cranberry Mojitos, Apple Cider Sangria, Pomegranate Champagne Punch, Apple Cider Bourbon and Baileys & Coffee- yes that's all in the form of an ice pop! 

4. Won't Break the Bank. Gifts Under $50. Priced right for the foodie in your life. FrutaPOP only uses the freshest and finest seasonal ingredients and top shelf alcohol to bring you the ultimate boozy ice pop on the planet. Holiday packages of 12 POPs start at $45.00

5. Perfect Ingredient for Every Party. FrutaPOP is full of retro fun and fancy, infused with boozy flavor and gets any party poppin'.